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Sonshine Preschool McPherson
Our Program
The time a child spends at Sonshine Preschool is carefully planned to include a variety of activities that exceed the standards of excellence for the great state of Kansas. Because the preschool experience is most likely your child’s first exposure to a structured education. And we want it to be a good one for many reasons, but mostly because a happy, nurtured child is a learning child. At Sonshine Preschool, we plan a thematic curriculum to help children understand and retain discovered information. Under the framework of our theme, we encourage our preschoolers to learn primarily through exploratory play. We provide numerous opportunities for your preschooler to discover and learn through play. Because we try to support learning as a process, rather than a project, much of the “work” your child accomplishes at school cannot be sent home. Our goal is to help your child build on learning experiences through role playing, imitation of life, cooperation, social interaction and hands-on activities. We post lots of pictures on our Facebook page to help keep you actively involved in our day.

Preschool Centers Help Kids Grow:
 Socially, become more self-aware & help kids LEARN!

All of our centers at Sonshine Preschool are hands on learning experiences. We learn through doing… it is a process!

​We focus on several areas: 
Social/emotional development, language and literacy development, mathematics and cognitive thinking skills, large and small muscle development, Spiritual Development and self-help skills.

Our Learning Centers:

Literacy Center 
This center allows children to explore letters — how letters look, how they compare to each other, how they combine to form words. Reinforcing letter identification and sounds. 
Reading Center
A cozy spot set up in the classroom, with a variety of books available for the children to read. Books related to the theme, class-made books, big books, interactive writing charts, and pocket chart poems are just some of the things that are included in the reading center.

Math Center
Kiddos use this center in preschool to learn more about shapes, colors, numbers, quantities, patterns, comparing amounts, putting objects in order by size and such. 

Puzzles & Games Center
It’s always fun for the kiddos to work on puzzles or play games together. Fun, cooperative play!

Science Center
The science center in preschool helps the children learn to investigate the world around them. It gives them opportunities to use all five senses to discover many interesting, science-based activities.  

Sensory Center
The sensory center in preschool helps kids focus in on (you guessed it!) their senses. This center might hold water, rice, beads, straws, dirt, dyed corn in a rainbow of colors, and so much more.

Art and Crafts Center
The purpose of this center in preschool is to let the kids explore their creativity. Art helps children learn about self-expression and creativity. Art projects are also a good way for children to develop fine motor skills and Improve their hand-eye coordination.

Building Center
Having a large spot set-aside for building and creating is an important part of early childhood classrooms. Building can include blocks, racetracks and cars, Lego (although sometimes people keep these in the math or fine motor area), and so many other creative building supplies. The children can have free reign to build whatever they wish, or they can build within certain guidelines. Sometimes I like to give a suggestion to the kids, then let them go.

Dramatic Play Center
A center just for pretend play, we refer to it as the home living center.
“Kitchen appliances”, a table, and chairs set the backdrop for this center. Some ideas for the home center are acting out favorite stories, running a flower shop, selling produce in a roadside stand, and caring for patients in the ER. We like to change it up with fun themes!

Writing Center
A place where students can practice the various stages of writing. Sometimes this center is “free writing”, with the kiddos deciding what to do. Other times, the activity is teacher-directed. 

Example of our Daily Schedule:
 The exact schedule of our days may vary, but the following listing includes many of the activities we experience in our day. 

 Morning Meeting:
Greetings 😊
Who is here today?
Question of the day.
What are we doing today/Theme
Pre-K: Calendar & Counting

 Free Choice:
Uninterrupted learning centers

Clean UP & Wash UP
(Meet at the carpet for a story)

(Wash hands when finished eating)

Large Group Time
Monday/Tuesday: Music & Movement
Wednesday: Library Time
Friday/Thursday:Bible Story/Lesson

Small Group & Individual guided learning
Clean UP- Wrap Up & Pack UP

Outside or Large Motor Activities in the Fellowship Hall

 In addition to the ‘basics’, we offer students a range of gross motor and creative opportunities. We strive to include enrichment activities that extend our students knowledge and understanding of the world outside the classroom. 
Each year, our Pre-K students take field trips such as going to a pumpkin patch, a post office, a fire station, and other local places of interest. For our younger students we bring as any of those experiences to them. 
We pride ourselves on a low student to teacher ratio. All classes have one teacher and one teacher’s assistant with a maximum of 15 students. Our teachers develop age-appropriate activities that introduce and strengthen academic and social skills.

Sonshine Preschool takes pride in the extra activities that set us apart from all other preschools in our area. Sonshine Preschool has Grandparents Day: Where Grandfriends come and spend some time with us, Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, a Thanksgiving Program: with a Pot Luck Lunch to follow, a Christmas Program where we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we are the only preschool that preforms in May Fete (an annul celebration that McPherson County hosts) and we have a preschool float in the All School's Day Parade, Sonshine Preschool has a Cap and Gown Pre-Kindergarten Graduation and a Spring Program for our Preschoolers. We also have class parties for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter all of which are put on by parent volunteers. As you can see- we have many opportunities to involve family in our program.